Hello, I'm Radu Cugut

software geek & aspiring entrepreneur

I'm an entrepreneurial software developer (developer at heart, aspiring entrepreneur by choice). I enjoy finding solutions to problems and I love building useful and usable software for people. I developed a strong focus towards good UX. I have experienced a diversified background ranging from network admin, sysadmin, some PHP & Perl, followed by a few good years of Java EE development. For tha past years my preffered tools come from Ruby and JavaScript.

When I'm not hacking on my computer I play basketball or swim, spend time with my sweet wife Sanda or read about psychology, UX or marketing. I enjoy learning whatever seems interesting.

I'm not seeking job opportunities, but I am definitely eager to talk about interesting ideas. Feel free to say hi at rcugut@gmail.com or meet me in person. I live in Timisoara, Romania, and I enjoy the sweet taste of cappuccino :-)